This list includes current and successfully completed supervisions of Post-docs as well as PhD, Masters and Bachelor students.

Sara Ozogul's PhD Thesis

Post-doc supervision

2015 • Dr. Martijn van den Hurk, PARCOUR Research post-doc researcher, University of Amsterdam.

2014-2015 • Dr. Esin Ozdemir, How does the Planning Institution Accommodate Citizens’ Disagreement with Urban Policies and Practices in Different Contexts: The Case of the Netherlands and Turkey (see publications list). TUBITAK Scholarship.

2015-2016 • Dr. Mehmet Penpecioglu, From public-oriented collaborative scholarship to market-dominated instrumental practice? Investigating the Engagement of Planning Education and Practice (see publications list). TUBITAK Scholarship.

PhD thesis and research supervisor

2017-2019 • Sara Ozogul (UvA, The Netherlands) Transformative place-making for diverse communities in neoliberalising urban contexts: Toronto and Amsterdam, co-supervison with Prof.Dr. Luca Bertolini (UvA).

2017 • Ying-Tzu Lin (UvA, The Netherlands) Planning with everyday life chaos: An exploration of urban street markets and innovative urban planning tool for inclusive street space, co-supervison with Prof.Dr. Luca Bertolini (UvA). Ongoing.

2015 • (Guest) Yasin Bektas (TUBITAK Scholarship) Does social-mix policy create social interaction among neighbors? The Kolenkitbuurt case, Amsterdam, PhD promoted in May 2017 at Yildiz Technical University

2014 • Maarten Desmet (TU Delft, The Netherlands) Planning for the gross national happiness: Co-productive processes for value-driven urban and spatial planning, Co-supervison with Willem Korthals Altes (TUDelft) (Ongoing)

2014 • Igor Pessoa (TU Delft, The Netherlands) Creating urban resilience: the development of coping mechanisms for Brazilian fragmented metropolitan systems, Co-supervison with Willem Korthals Altes (TUDelft) (Ongoing)

2013-2015 • Donya Ahmadi (TU Delft, The Netherland) Planning for Hyper-diversity, Co-supervison with Willem Korthals Altes (TUDelft)

2013-2016 • Ceren Sezer (TU Delft, The Netherlands) A Spatial Analysis of the Role of Visibility in Recognition of Cultural Minorities, Co-supervison with Vincent Nadin (TUDelft)

2012-2014 • (Promoted) Aleksandra Djurasovic (Haven Universiteit, Germany) From a planning doctrine towards development strategy approach: The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, co-supervison with Prof.Dr. Joerg Knieling (Haven University)

2005-2007 • Supervisor of five PhD students within the SP2SP project at KU Leuven, Belgium (Tom Coppens, Pieter Van den Broeck, Barbara van Dyck, and Elke Vanempten are promoted in years following my departure to TUDelft in 2007).

PhD promotions

MSc/MA thesis supervision

2016-2017 • Supervised five MA thesis [Aurelien Reynolds (How is Public Interest Communicated in Place Branding? Zuidas and De Hallen, Big city projects in Amsterdam); Arik Day (Social Innovation and ‘Community Governance’ in the Neoliberal City: Critical Success Factors?); Solange Williams (The Flexible Planner: Adaption & Transition of Urban Planners in Practice); Joris van den Boom for (Changing Face of Self-Build City); and Lola Dirkx (Temporary Spaces); and Second Reader for 5 MSc thesis.

2011-2012 • Co-supervised Eva Gaaf (Governance of Flood resiliency in urban area development: A comparative study of Rotterdam and New York City)

2010 • Supervisor of two Master students at Middle East Technical University, Turkey

BA thesis supervision

2010-2013 • Supervised one Honors Thesis and two IRPs (Independent Research Project-BA thesis) students at University College Roosevelt, University of Utrecht.