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Modernist planning: What went wrong?

“What went wrong with Bijlmer?” A student asked from the back of the class during the lecture on planning history in the Introduction to Urban Planning course that I’m coordinating at our Bachelor programme in UvA. We were discussing "city scientific", a period of...

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From Student to Urban Planner

Mark Oranje and I have been working on this book, From Student to Urban Planner, for the last few years. We have worked with young planning practitioners from all around the world, whose experiences were shared by planning scholars from all around the world. Download...

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Cityscope essay on our DIVERCITIES Handbook

Cityscope correspondent David Hatch has written about the DIVERCITIES handbook on Cityscope's website. It's a great piece taking into account the substantial research we undertook in 14 cities. You can read the full text below. Image: Participants take part in this...

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Divercities Handbook

A Handbook for Governing Urban Diversity, the DIVERCITIES handbook and final deliverable for the EU FP7 funded DIVERCITIES project, is out now. It features detailed information gleaned from DIVERCITIES research in 14 countries by a team of 60+ international...

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Toronto City Book

The Toronto City Book brings together four years of in-depth research undertaken in the Jane and Finch district in the northwest of Toronto as part of the EU funded DIVERCITIES project. As the Team Leader for the book my role was to oversee the research and content....

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Meaningful Encounters

Meaningful Encounters is an exploratory research project attempting to understand the relationship between meaningful encounters in public spaces and place making activities in the city. Together with Sara Ozogul, I organised an event at Pakhuis de Zwijger in...

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Giving voice to planning practitioners

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”*: giving voice to planning practitioners is the title of an article published in the Planning Theory & Practice Journal. The abstract is below and you can read the full article at Taylor & Francis Online. Planning...

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The Advantages of Diversity

The Advantages of Diversity is a paper I presented at the Nordregio Forum in Helsingor in 2015 on the topic of how to turn diversity into advantages. It considered how diversity itself is not an easy concept to grasp, as there are new forms of diversity emerging due...

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Diverse Urbanization Dynamics Blog

As part of the Urban Geography: Urbanization and Cities of the Advanced Economies course at Utrecht University, Roosevelt Academy, I created a blog to engage with students. The course focused on the diverse urbanization dynamics and periods characterized by...

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