Research Grants & Leadership

Granted Proposals

2015 (Ongoing): Principal Investigator
PARCOUR: Public accountability to residents in contractual urban redevelopment, FAPESP-NWO-ESRC Joint Call. Total project budget: € 750.525; UvA budget: € 247.610.

2013-2017: Project co-coordinator, Scientific Steering Committee member, and Team Leader
DIVERCITIES: Governing Urban Diversity,  Creating Social Cohesion, Social Mobility and Economic Performance in Today’s Hyper-diversified Cities, FP7 Framework Programme Total project budget: € 6.500.000; TUDelft/UvA budget: € 752.353.

2009-2011: Project co-coordinator and Dutch team leader
SUPER-CITIES: Sustainable Land Use Policies for Resilient Cities, Urban-Net (European funds, national NICIS organisation). Total project budget: € 776.000; TUDelft budget: € 276.000.

2007-2011: Proposal coordinator
Research Center Space and Housing (Steunpunt Ruimte en Wonen). Financed by Flemish Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Space (the center was established in January 2007, just as my TUDelft post-doc position started). Total project budget: € 1.200.000.

2006-2007: Proposal collaborator
RSV: Inventory of the spatial development for the Flemish spatial policy: neighbour regions and transnational level (Inventarisatie van de voor het Vlaams ruimtelijk beleid relevant ruimtelijke ontwikkeling binnen buurregio’s en op transnationaal niveau). Financed by Ministry of Flemish Government, Department Environment and Infrastructure (Urban Planning Section). Total project budget: € 188.000.

Recently Submitted Proposals

March 2016
JPI (Joint Programming Initiative) Europe proposal on ‘New Governance Imaginaries and Transformative Place-making Practices in Cities of Diversity’

March 2016
JPI (Joint Programming Initiative) Europe proposal on ‘What is Governed in Cities: The Governance of the Built Environment’

January 2015
ORA (Open Research Area in Europe for the Social Sciences) proposal on ‘Development-Induced Displacement: Comparing Planners’ Perspectives (DID)’

February 2015
ERASMUS + proposal on ‘Skills for Smart, Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (Skills4Cities)

March 2015
COST proposal on ‘Building Cities from Below – Network for Inclusive Urban Development’