Tuna Tasan-Kok
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Email: m.t.tasankok@uva.nl
Phone: +31 6 55 406 351 (office GSM)
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My research focuses on regulation of urban development and change from different angles. I’m specifically interested in the involvement of diverse actors and regulation of their interests in specific projects, processes and developments in cities.

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Why are 20th century utopias important for planning?

One of the first ‘fun’ books I’ve read during my BA education was a book published in 1516, Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’, which was suggested by my urban economics professor as an extra reading to understand the idea of property rights and principles of ideal social order...

Encounter with a young planning practitioner…

I invited planning practitioner Jimme Zoete to my class of yesterday within the framework of a course that I coordinate (Introduction to Urban Planning) to talk simply about what he does as an urban planner who works in the private sector. Jimme works for a...

Why is theory important for planning?

In today's class I explained my first year BA students what theory is, what the place of planning discipline is within social theory, and why theory is important for planning practitioners. Tough job to simplify all these in 90 minutes, considering most of the...

Appointed as professor of Urban Governance and Planning at the University of Amsterdam

Honoured and thrilled with my professorship appointment at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Proudly, I'm one of the 100 women in the Netherlands (and of 19 in Amsterdam) who are promoted in 2018 for professorship, awarded through special funds initiated by former...

New urban leadership in the era of de-globalisation?

Between 9-12 October 2017 European Commission headquarters hosted a series of activities within the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities as an annual event devoted to discuss contemporary challenges and opportunities of cities and regions. I was...