Tuna Tasan-Kok
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Email: m.t.tasankok@uva.nl
Phone: +31 6 55 406 351 (office GSM)
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My research focuses on regulation of urban development and change from different angles. I’m specifically interested in the involvement of diverse actors and regulation of their interests in specific projects, processes and developments in cities.

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Research output: Two research projects, two special issues, two articles, and new prospects

Two research projects (DIVERCITIES and PARCOUR) that I took a leading role are completed in the last few years. Time to harvest. Both projects went over the complexities of urban governance though studying two completely different issue areas and by deploying...

Student blog 2: Private actors for public space: Doomed to fail? by Kristina Habdank and Loreto Rocco Silva (November 2017, UvA, Amsterdam)

When promenading around Gustav Malerplein in Zuidas, Amsterdam’s most prominent business district, passers-by are introduced to the view this image (Left). What are they going to make out of it? Well, most likely, the impression of a mainstream restaurant and shop,...

Student blog 1: Spaces in-between: A private street for the public in the Zuidas district by Miriam Bonke and Mariam Hussain (November 2017, UvA, Amsterdam)

Urban design in Zuidas While exploring the rapidly growing neighbourhood of Zuidas in Amsterdam, there are many unique urban design features that can be found. Taking a walk down Gustav Maherlaan towards Vrije Universiteit, will lead you to a quiet street right before...

Awarded by the ORA (Open Research Area for the Social Sciences) funds for a new research project

Thrilled with the news that our research proposal What Is Governed in Cities: Residential Investment Landscapes and the Governance and Regulation of Housing Production is awarded by prestigious ORA funds, a European scheme in which the Netherlands Organisation for...